73mm In-Cup Vending Drinks

73mm In-Cup Drinks - Coffee

We have selected great brands of 73mm (7oz) coffee for you to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any of our brands. With both decaff, latte and cappuccino options, there is a coffee for everyone!

73mm In-Cup Drinks - Hot Chocolate

Choose from our leading brand of Hot Chocolate or our great value alternative.

73mm In-Cup Drinks - Tea

PG Tips & Tetley are two leading names in tea, you can choose which one you prefer. 

73mm In-Cup Drinks - Soups & Bovril

Our range of Knorr soups and Bovril are great to warm you up on a cold day. However, they are a popular tasty snack all year round.

73mm In-Cup Cold Drinks

Our range of 73mm cold drinks allow you to provide a drink to suit everyone’s taste.


Don’t forget the essential disposables for maximum drinking enjoyment.

73mm In-Cup Drinks Refills

Our range of competitively priced 73mm In-cup vending drinks are pre-filled plastic cups. 73mm In-cup vending drinks fit all 7oz vending machines. These In-cup drinks come in a variety of popular brands including Nescafe Gold Blend coffee Black or white (Coffeemate), Douwe Egberts, Lavazza and Kenco Coffee, Tetley Tea, Instant PG Tips Tea and Instant Cadburys Chocolate, Knorr Soup, Bovril to name but a few.

They are supplied in boxes, 25 cups to a sleeve in boxes of 300, 240 or 150 depending on the product. These In-cup drinks are sealed in silver foil sleeves to retain their freshness and have a shelf life of 12 months.

The 73mm drinks fit most makes of machines that take a 73mm In-cup drink including Darenth, Freshers, Eurocup and Klix.

If you don’t have access to a machine, these 73mm drinks can be used by just adding hot water, ideal for the Office or Workplace.

Vending Drinks Direct also supply a range of supplementary items including disposable wooden and plastic stirrers and sugar sticks.

In-Cup Drinks for Darenth, Freshers, Eurocup and Klix Vending Machines

These 73mm (7oz) drinks are ideal for Darenth, Freshers, Eurocup, Klix and other 73mm (7oz) vending machines. Although, you don’t have to have a vending machine, you can just add hot water.

7oz Vending Machine Drinks Cup

In-Cup Drinks for Shops, Takeaways, Garages & Cafes

These 73mm drinks are perfect for shops, takeaways, garages and cafes. The drinks are a cost effective way of offering quality hot drinks. They can be used with Darenth, Freshers, Eurocup, Klix and other 73mm (7oz) vending machines or simply by adding hot water, they are flexible to suit your needs.  As all of our drinks are from quality brands that offer great products, your clients will recognise the brands and enjoy them.

As we all know, hot takeaway drinks are a popular product that sell well in shops, garages, takeaways and cafes.  With us you can buy as many drinks as you need, as often as you need them. No tie-ins and no contracts.

Traditionally, offering hot drinks has been a bit of a hassle. However, these takeaway drinks allow you to easily add a profitable and in demand product to your business. 

In-Cup Drinks for Offices, Workplaces & Factories

Providing drinks in offices, workplaces and factories can be a bit of a pain. If you provide the raw ingredients for people to self serve, that often results in a mess and cross contamination of products. Not to mention the screams of “WHO HAS STOLEN MY CUP”!

Drinks machines such as Darenth, Freshers, Eurocup, Klix and other 73mm (7oz) vending machines can be a great solution. These drinks are perfect for those machines but can also be used by just adding hot water.

The great thing about these 73mm drinks is they are a cost effective way of providing quality branded drinks.

These drinks are perfect for offices, workplaces and factories. You can give your team a wide choice of drinks for a low per drink cost.

In-Cup Drinks for Catering & Events

Whether with a Darenth, Freshers, Eurocup, Klix or other 73mm (7oz) vending machines or by just adding hot water, these 73mm drinks are perfect for various event and catering needs. As the drinks are pre-packed in the cups, you don’t need to worry about separately sourcing cups. Everything that is needed to make a tasty drink is already in the cup, so they are very fast to serve. Allowing you to cater for a lot of people quickly. With these drinks you just add hot water.

The per drink cost of these drinks is low, allowing you to catering for large volumes at a cost effective price.

Hot choc 73mm in-cup drinks - Vending Machine In-cup Drinks Ingredients Refills

In-Cup Drinks for Complimentary Drinks

Many businesses now offer free drinks in their receptions and waiting areas. These drinks with either a Kenco or MaxPax machine are a great solution for offering complimentary drinks. They have a low per drink cost and keep your customers happy.

PG Tips Tea - Vending Machine In-cup Drinks Ingredients Refills

In-Cup Drinks for Teams & Clubs

If you are looking for hot drinks & soups for your teams and clubs, these 73mm drinks are a perfect low cost solution. These drinks are quick and easy to make with little mess and fuss. Our range of 73mm drinks ticks all the boxes: Hot drinks – yes, cold drinks – yes, comforting hot chocolate – yes, warming soups & Bovril – yes. All you need is hot/cold water to start enjoying these hot beverages.

Our range of 73mm drinks for vending machines includes:

Sugar & Stirrers:


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